News from PisK

7/3 2003:

We will have a PisK LAN Party the 25-27/4 2003 in Hasselfors. Interested? Send an email to

19/2 2003:

PisK is NOT only about CS, it's the whole package; CS, HL and OP4. Check the Download section for special PisK maps for these MODs.

28/1 2003:

26/1 2003 at 7:18 CET Rom&Cola became father again for the 2nd time.

The whole PisK community sends their congratulations !!!

11/1 2003:

Server name is changed from PisK[SWE] CS1.5 ( to PisK SWE (

31/12 2002:

Thank you all that have joined us several times during 2002. We at PisK administration wishes you all a

Happy New Year 2003 !!!

As Kramer wrote in the guestbook; "Dont blow your fingers away, you will need them next game session"

23/12 2002:

Nice gaming weekend on PisK. I thank you all playing and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

I will try to publish new screenshots and a new PoW tomorrow.

13-14/12 2002:

Thank you all that played these days. Download the new map from RojB until next tme. See ya! (but no bad sausages are welcome)

6/12 2002:

It is the ultimate friday today !! Join PisK server at 23.00 CET.

See ya!

1/12 2002:

Thank you all for a nice game weekend ! Waiting for screen shots.....

29/11 2002:

Pisk is back! Join us tonight on the ultimate and fair PisK CS-server.

6/11 2002:

New PoW and screen shots published.

The PisK server will be offline until the 22nd November due to "ordinary" work abroad.

Until then, behave and be nice!

31/10 2002:

Yiiihaa! Tomorrow it is Friday again!

Lets have a great PisK cause next week I will go to Romania for two the next time we can PisK again is (hopefully) the 22nd November.

The PoW and Screen shots are published (not many to choose from, btw).

Lots of discussions are on going at the PisK forum, visit it and become a member!

25/10 2002:

Right on, guys, it is Friday again so lets PisK!

Visit also the new forum and become a member of PisK forum (by clicking on this line)!

See ya later on today!

Ps. The new PoW and screen shots are published (late, sorry, I had some problems to get the pics from Kramers ftp). d.s

18/10 2002:

Today is the day, PisK Classic Games, we are going to mix old and new maps. Be sure that you have the same versions as the server, you will find the classic maps in the download section.

New routine implemented; if you have taken screenshots and dont know how-to send the files to PisK to be published, you can send them to our ftp-server. This is a private ftp-server so to get ip address and login information, send an email to

We have also opened up the PisK forum check the menu to the left..

14/10 2002:

Screen shots and new PoW published.

Don't forget to download the classical maps from the download section until next time !

13/10 2002:

Nice gaming weekend (except for friday when the server started to fail) !!! The server is working very well now (puuh). Anyhow, to make a complete gaming weelend we were missing the following people;

Kramer, Domine, Rom&Cola, E-Torsk, SWE (completly lost in space), WeeZer, etc (sorry if I forgot some BUT if you wasn't there, we missed you too...).

If you have taken screen shots, mail them to

See you later!

Note !!! In the download section there are some of the classical maps, download them so we can have a PisK Classic session next time !!!!

12/10 2002:

Lots of server problems yesterday, the HLDS server crashed randomly. The reasons could be several but it "smells" like there is problems with the security modules that are downloaded from Valve every time the HLDS server starts. The HLDS is completly re-installed today with all the tools, etc. Lets hope this helps.

If the problems continues today = HLDS crashes, wait 1-2 minutes before you join again (cause I hope you will....).

See you tonight at 22.00 CET !!

9/10 2002:

New ideas, new solutions, check your mailbox!

Two days to PisK !! (well, 1 day and 23 hours)

6/10 2002:

Thank you all for a nice gaming weekend!

P.o.W updated!

I hope we will "meet" again front of my mp5 !! (hehe)

1/10 2002:

P o W and Screenshots published, enjoy!

Until next game session (Friday), download the following maps; de_armageddon and de_ipfer. We are going to play(test) these two maps!

29/9 2002:

This has been a nice PisK weekend !! Thank you all !

Send your 10 best screenshots to me !

25/9 2002:

Kramer did it again, a new counterstrike map called de_armageddon. Fetch it from the download pages.

IP sent, check your mail.

24/9 2002:

The seems to be broken. Use instead.

The P.o.W and Screen shots updated, enjoy!

23/9 2002:

The PisK policy updated.

22/9 2002:

We missed the same wonderful players! We hope that you will be here next week (Friday/Saturday).

New screenshots will be published as soon as possible. Keep your eye on the "Screen shot" / "P.o.W" section.

See ya next week!

21/9 2002:

Nice game yesterday! We missed Kramer, Domine, Tjack, E-Torsk, SWE, we need you!

New game, new hopes today! Todays IP address is the same as yesterday. Server starts at 22.00 CET, be there !!

19/9 2002:

The new IP address is out. If you are on the mailing list you should have it by now.

The server starts at 22.00 CET. Feel very welcome to join PisK [swe] CS 1.5 server !!!

See ya in 24 h 30 minutes.

16/9 2002:

The FAQ has been updated.

Don't forget to buy the "food" that you will need for the Friday/Saturday game sessions....

15/9 2002:

First of all we all hope that E-Torsk was happy with the last evenings arrangement. Feel free to leave a message/comment here.

Once again we just have to thank those people who made the Friday and Saturday game sessions worth playing.

We wish you all a nice Sunday and working week until we'll meet again the 20th September, same time and place.

Be well, feel well.

14/9 2002:

Once again a NICE game session.

We want to thank all of you playing yesterday/this morning, special greetings to PimpDaddy, Tjackis, Zalkin, 98A (aka Tjatis) and others.

From S.E.A we had visit from Kramer (ofcourse), Domine, Mave, Mirf, BoNe, Rom&Cola, RojB and Sauza. More info about S.E.A, visit

Following persons was missed by the admins; E-Torsk and SWE.

But it aint over yet. New game session tonight at 22.00 CET. Join the mailing list so you dont get lost. See the FAQ how-to.

By the way, check out the new section "Screen shots".

!!! This evenings guest of honor is E-Torsk !!!

13/9 2002:

(19.10) The IP address is changed.

Check your mailbox or make an update of the server list (after 22.00 (CET)) and locate PisK[swe] CS1.5 and join.

PisK starts in 2 hours 50 minutes.

12/9 2002:

Here we go again! It is just 24 hours and 15 minutes before the PisK server comes up (Friday at 22.00 CET / Swedish time). The IP address is sent to all in the PisK mailing list.

I think it will be quite fun! We will sing and drink some beer and eat some sausages (yum-yum). As Kramer said; "The happening of the week".

11/9 2002:

The new OpFor map op4_piskem is released, pick it up from the download page.

This is also a sad day for all people that lost someone dear during the terrorist attacks last year in New York.

6-7-8/9 2002:

Once again we had a wonderful time! Thank you all that joined us these evenings, we hope that you will join us again next week. Be sure that you don't miss the most important happening in the weekend, join the PisK mailinglist (see the FAQ).
Thank you Kramer, Rojb, Sauza, Tjack, E-torsk, Rom&Cola, Mave, Bengt Bett, SWE and the rest with strange names (why do you have it???).

You find the latest screenshots on

There is also a new menu section called P.o.W, you have to check it...

Welcome back next weekend!

5/9 2002:

Tomorrow PisK[swe] CS1.5 server will come up at 22.00 (CET/Swedish time). The mailing list is out so you on the list will locate the server directly, those who are not, read why you should be in the mailing list in the FAQ. Anyhow YOU are MORE then welcome to our PisK server.

See ya there!

1/9 2002:

Due to family affairs the CS-server was only up for a short while Saturday night, please join us again the 6th of September (and JOIN the mailing list, check the FAQ for how-to). Long time to wait? Look out for the PisK OpFor server. During normal days (Monday-Thursday and when we have the time) the server will run as an Oposing Force server with maps designed by BRevi (a k a RojB). There is a NEW map coming soon, be sure to watch the download section on daily basis.

30/8 2002:

Today is the PisK day. Buy some beer and beersausages and join the game at 22.00 CET (or swedish time). Have you got the IP address? If not, send an email and get it, otherwise read the FAQ how to locate the PisK server.

26/8 2002:

The PisK CS server comes online the 30/8 2002, 22.00 CET.

23-25/8 2002:

The best PisK action ever, we want to thank Kramer and other SEA members, Rich, Agents, Rom&Cola and all others that played during those evenings, nights and mornings.