Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the policy on the PisK server?

A: Read the PisK policy, select langauge --->>

Q: I have taken a lot of screenshots and want to send them to PisK to be published, where can I send them?

A: First of all convert the screenshots to JPG format with 800x600 size. Select the 10 (ten) BEST ones, zip them to one file and send it to

Q: How can I join the PisK mailing list and why should I ?

A: By joining the list you will always get the IP address to the server and you don't have to update your game server lists. You just add the server by entering the IP address and port (like and the server will show up in your favorites list. You can also join directly (when the server is running) by writing connect in the console.

The IP address is valid for all kind of PisK-server games (Counter Strike, Opposing Force and Half Life). To join the mailing list, just send an email to, subject mailing list. Another reason is if the IP address changes you will be the first to know (it does change when switching server computer).

NOTE !!! The IP address written here ( is NOT valid, it was just used as an example. To get the actual ip address you have to join the PisK mailing list.

Q: I can't find the server.

A: The server is usually up at Fridays and Saturdays from 22:00 CET (and from time to time in the week). To get the actual IP address you have to join the PisK mailing list. You can also locate the PisK CS server by repeatedly update your server list (within the game, different Spygame variants).

Q: I got kicked but I don't cheat.

A: Read the PisK policy, select langauge --->>

Q: Why do you always start the server with cs_assault?

A: We always start with cs_assault cause it is a small map that does not require lots of players. We change map due to vote. The nextmap will NOT show the coming map.

Q: Why do you sing in your microphones all the time, are you drunk?

A: - No comment -

More will come........