Maps for Counterstrike
(unpack the zip files into cstrike/maps in your Half Life structure)

Map name (PisK maps)* Creator Notes
cs_sea Kramer  
de_ipfer2 RojB  
de_armageddon Kramer  
de_boomtown RojB  
cs_rush RojB  
cs_warehouse Stinger  
cs_PisKhq Kramer
de_lomb RojB  
cs_bunker2 RojB 2003-03-07

Special Request Maps

Map name Creator
de_luxor - Request from Rom&Cola

Classic Maps (Beta maps)

Map name Creator
cs_bunker -  
cs_desert - bugs, the hostages are not rescuable
cs_docks -  
cs_facility -  
cs_station -  
cs_tire - bugs, one CS start position randomly selected
cs_zoption -  
cs_wpndepot -  


Maps for Oposing Force
(unpack the zip files into gearbox/maps in your Half Life structure)

Map name Creator
op4_wang1 BRevi  
op4_wb2 BRevi  
op4_dupfer BRevi  
op4_piskem BRevi  
op4_turretwar BRevi 2002-02-12


Maps for Half life
(unpack the zip files into valve/maps in your Half Life structure)

Map name Creator
house BRevi 2002-02-19
wb81 BRevi 2002-02-19
bfield - 2002-02-19


Mp3's for PisKers
(Download and enjoy)

Mp3 name Creator
I will survive -


*) Maps made by the PisK members.


More maps are coming....stay tuned (Please report broken links).

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